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 Basic Trainer Making by Cheat Engine

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Basic Trainer Making by Cheat Engine Empty
PostSubject: Basic Trainer Making by Cheat Engine   Basic Trainer Making by Cheat Engine EmptyWed Jan 14, 2009 7:29 pm

By Hamadah

Things you must have:
2) GameHouse Magic Ball 2 - New Worlds (Search for it on Google)


Open Cheat Engine, then open the game and while playing, see how many are your lives, and pause the game then press ALT+TAB, press the button with the computer on it at the top left and a light around it, then find the game's process name (probably it will be "MagicBall2NW.exe") then press OK.
Now you'll see [Value] under it [Scan Type] under it [Value Type]; keep the scan type and the value type as they are, and in the value, enter the number of lives you have and press [First Scan], and you'll have many addresses; return back to the game and lose a life and return to Cheat Engine and put the number of the lives you have then press [Next Scan]; if you still have many addresses, keep doing this until you have 1 or 2 addresses, and then double click on one of the addresses to add it to the under of Cheat Engine, then double click on the value and put 99 and return to the game, VOILA! you now have 99 lives, now return to Cheat Engine and press advanced options and press the disk button and press OK (Note: DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING) and press [Add Entry] and then [Add], first, press on the address in the window that just appeared and put the value 99 and choose the option [set a value and freeze/unfreeze the address] and [Normal freeze] and press [Add] then put the effect (now you should write it "Unlimited Lives") and put the hotkey you want and then OK, now in the "Title" put "Magic Ball 2 - New Worlds Trainer" and in "Launch file" choose the file of the game, and in the process choose the process of the game "MagicBall2NW.exe" and in "About text" put some information about the trainer and who made it, and check the "Prevent re-opening" option so no one can open the trainer with Cheat Engine and edit it, then press the "Change Icon" button and the choose the game's file, and if you have a bmp image for the game, press "Change Image" and choose it, then press the "Generate Trainer" button and put the name of the trainer and choose where to save it and then Cheat Engine will tell "Trainer generated' then cut the trainer's file and paste it in the game's directory and enjoy!
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Basic Trainer Making by Cheat Engine
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